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Tanning is the process of treating a natural skin to produce leather. It involves a process which permanently alters the structure of a skin to stop its further decay. Vegetable tanning, which is used to make our Tuscany Veg leather, is done using an extract made from the barks of certain trees. It is both environmentally the friendliest method of producing leather, and also a process that makes an absolutely rich and beautiful material that is durable and used for applications where the leather requires strength. Tuscany Veg is what we refer to as a belting leather since most of the time it is used in applications that involve fabricating a strap. It is also moldable, and embossable, which allow the material to be use for all sorts of decorative purposes. It has a semi aniline finish, and as with most veg leathers, will develop a wonderful rich patina over time.


Average Hide Size: 12-15 Square Feet
Configuration: Double Shoulder
Hide Source: European
Thickness: 3.2-3.6 mm
Finish: Semi Aniline
Resistance To Scratching: Good Resistance
Flammability: NFPA 260 Pass, CAL 117 Pass
Anti-Soil Treatment: Available For This Article

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