Understanding “Match Lines”

Suzy Sokol examining a match line on a freshly-embossed side of leather.

One aspect that often sparks curiosity for designers is the “match line,” a subtle disruption in a pattern that can sometimes appear on finished leather. This line is the result of the transition between embossing plates, and its visibility can vary depending on the pattern and the leather used. While some match lines are barely noticeable, others might be more visible.

The type of pattern used can also play a part: smaller, busier patterns are often less likely to show a match line. There are even some embossed patterns that are applied with a roller, avoiding a match line altogether.

Two match lines 25” apart on a side featuring our Milan Weave embossing.
A close-up of the match line. This is typical for many emboss patterns.

The match line is an essential consideration when using embossed leather for upholstery, as it can affect the maximum size you can cut from a finished piece without seeing a disruption in the pattern.

We believe that understanding these nuances can help us use our beautiful leathers to their maximum potential. If you’re curious to learn more about match lines or the embossing process, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts can guide you and answer any questions you may have