Responsibly Sustainable

Demar creates exceptional leathers with intention and respect for natural resources. Our
family’s long history of crafting fine leather unites quality with our commitment to transparency in
what we make and how we work.

Naturally Responsible

All of our leathers are manufactured from hides that would otherwise have been
discarded as a byproduct of the food industry.


Key to a product’s sustainability is its longevity.  In a world of disposable
products, upholstery using our durable leathers ensures that pieces are long
lasting and hard wearing. Leather is high quality and consequently a more
expensive material which disincentives short term use. Leather outperforms
other upholstery materials, aging better than woven fabrics.

Sourced With Intention

At Demar, we work with the highest quality Spanish, Italian, and German
tanneries as well as supporting domestic American leather manufacturing. Many
of our beautiful specialty finishes, including perforations, embossings, transfer
patterns, and other hand-finished items are crafted locally in the USA.  We work
to ensure that our environmental footprint is always considered, seeking
efficiencies in shipping and reducing packaging.

Never Wasted

At Demar, we have enormous respect for the leathers we make and we ensure that no material goes to waste. Our leathers are manufactured to the specification of the project in customized quantities to avoid overproduction and wasted material. We work with manufacturers who create small leather goods to put even our smallest leather scraps to use. 

Always Improving

At Demar, we are committed to creating new products that marry beauty, sophistication, innovation, and performance with a passion for the welfare of our environment.